Affordable All-Inclusive Garages

Quality, professionally built garages that are built to last and drive-in ready.

Double car garages starting at just $22,500

Garage Packages
starting at $22,500

Built right. Built to last.

Garage packages are drive-in-ready and are professionally built with the highest level of quality. When we hand you the remote, you will be reassured you made the right choice building your garage with Hammerhead. We guarantee the quality with an industry leading 5-year warranty.



How much does it cost to build a garage in Calgary?

Garages can vary in price based on size, style, the slope of the property and quality of materials used. A well-built double-car garage in most scenarios will cost between $22,000 - $32,000.

In addition to the specs of the garage, other determinants of price include the current cost of materials such as lumber and concrete. Material prices can fluctuate throughout the year and can result in changes in price of the garage. Time of year also has an impact on price for other reasons. More projects are completed in the summer months, meaning demand for product and labour can be higher during busy periods. Garages can be built in the cooler months, but will requires winter heat to thaw the ground in order to pour the concrete. However, you should never build a garage on a frozen ground. This will cause the garage to shift and break as the ground thaws and cause major structural issues. Once the concrete is poured, the rest of the garage is ok to be build during the winter.

Not all garages are built equally. Many contractors offer to build garages at very low costs. Be cautious of what these contractors are offering and make sure everything is included. Often, these contractors will build with low quality materials and craftsmanship, or skip necessary steps such as installing a vapour barrier to prevent the external environments from rotting away your garage. Be cautious as these contractors may come back for more money later if they are over budget or leave the job unfinished. Some contractors are only specialized in one trade, but offer garage packages to generate business, and sub the rest of the garage out to the lowest bidder. 

It's important to understand cost vs price. A well-built quality garage may cost you a few dollars more, but it is worth it to avoid many of the potential issues that could cost much more in the future, both in terms of money and stress. What may be priced lower today, may cost you in the future. Your garage is an investment into your property and should not be something where the cheapest option is the best option. Ensure you are getting the best quality that will last and you will sleep comfortably knowing you made the right choice.

Hammerhead Construction is BBB Accredited and follows strict adherence to the business ethics and building codes set in our industry. We have built hundreds of garages that have stood the test of time.


Our all-inclusive garages are drive-in ready from permit to final inspection.

4" Concrete Slab with 10" Thickening

24" o/c Framing with Anchor Bolting

240V 30A Electrical Subpanel

Vinyl, Hardie Board or Stucco Siding

Eaves and Fascia to match

36" Man Door

6" or 12" Curbwalls

Engineered Trusses

Lighting and Plug-ins as required

Vapour Barrier

36" x 48" Window

16'x8' Garage Door with Operator


Insulation and Drywall

Insulating your garage can provide a little extra warmth for your car on those extra cold winter months, while drywall can finish off your the interior of your garage for a finished look, especially if you are looking to add some extra hooks or shelving.

Storage Mezzanine

In need of some extra storage space that is out of the way. A storage mezzanine is the perfect option to store away season items out of the way.

Storage Trusses

If you are looking for even more storage space, storage trusses can provide you with the added storage space on a second level. Depending on what you need, storage trusses can be just enough to slide items in, or larger to have stairs up to a full second level. 

Gas or Electrical Heating

If you spend time in your garage as a workspace, gas or electrical heaters are a great option to keep the garage cozy.

Upgraded Electrical

Need a little extra electrical boost? Tell us what you need it for, and we can provide you with the adequate power.

Various Garage Door Sizes

Our standard garage door size is 16'x8', which is large enough to fit most vehicles without any issues. If you have a larger garage, we can increase the garage door size or you can add a secondary 8'x8' garage door to the backyard for easy transfer of items such as lawnmowers.

Secondary Suite / Additional Level

Looking to double your garage as secondary suite? We can help you with the permitting and engineering process as well to make that happen.


All of our garages are backed by a 5-year warranty on workmanships and defects.


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BBB Accredited Business

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