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Our process is designed to be simple by removing the overwhelming complexities of the basement development process. Developing your basement should be a fun experience as you see your space come to life.

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Initial Design Consultation and On-site Estimate

To kick things off, we will come to meet you and do a walk-through of your basement and discuss your needs and plan an initial floor plan. We want to get a full understanding of what you need. During our initial walk through, we aim to educate you on the process and some considerations for the project. 



Construction Proposal

Based on our discovery process with you, we will provide you with an initial proposal which will include the best package option for your budget to start and any other inclusions you may have asked about.

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Client Selections Process

Based on your budget, we will provide you with plenty of options of choose from within the perimeters of the project. We are partnered with local suppliers to provide you a large number of options for flooring, tile and paint. The options are nearly limitless for all budgets.

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Once selections have been made, we will obtain all necessary permits and do a final review and confirm all the details of your project and prepare you and the basement for the construction process. 

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Construction can be expected to take approximately 8 - 10 weeks, depending on scope of work. We work in adherence to a schedule that works best for you and ensure the least amount of disturbance in your daily life as possible.

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