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Garage Suites

Design - Build

A Garage Suite or Carriage Suite can be the perfect added living space to your property. Whether this is an investment rental property for additional income, or space to move the kids or parents into, garage suites are the perfect additional living space.

The Perfect Addition

A garage suite, carriage suite, nanny home, laneway home, backyard suite, accessory dwelling unit - whatever you may call them, are increasingly becoming more popular in the Calgary area. And for good reason! A garage suite provides convenient, flexible and functional added spaces to your property. Many uses include multi-generational living, work space, or an income producing property. Comparative to purchasing a new property for these uses, Garage Suites can be less costly, more convenient and customizable, all while adding equity to your property.

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Garage Suite Costs

We are often asked about the cost of building a garage suite, which is a common inquiry right from the start. The answer to this question is not straightforward it depends on various factors, including the design and of selections chosen. In the city of Calgary, garage suites can cost anywhere from the low $200s to the low $300s, which is a significant range. However, it is important to consider the value of this investment, which is what a garage suite is. If you are looking for an additional property, either as an investment income property, or perhaps for other generations of the family to have their own space, or as office space, building a new carriage suite is in most cases significantly less costly than the alternatives. Additionally, you get the convenience of location and the ability to design it to your lifestyle, wants, and needs, which is a significant advantage.

Our Process

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