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How Much Does a Basement Cost?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Deciding if you want to finally finish off that concrete storage space downstairs and transform it into the great living space you have imagined?

The Quick and Short Answer

As you probably expected, there is a long answer and a short answer. Like most people that come to this page, they are looking for a ballpark estimate of what they should expect to spend on developing their basement. We find long winded posts that don't get to the answer as frustrating as a project that last way longer than it should. So here it is.

On average, a standard basement development costs between $45/sf and $55/sf. So for a 600 sf basement development (the average basement size in Calgary), you can expect to invest (notice we don't say "spend"), roughly $30,000. Now this gets you something pretty basic. A basement starter kit which includes a single bedroom, bathroom, boxing off the utility room, and an open living space, depending on the size of your basement.

This doesn't include any changes to the rough structure such as plumbing. Most homebuilders have thought out what the most likely placement is for a bathroom and have roughed-in the plumbing accordingly. If you have different ideas, its going to cost you a little extra.

Of course, if you really want to go all out on your basement, the possibilities are virtually endless. By this point, we are sure you have already been imagining what it might look like.

If you want a true cost, click here and let us help you out. Everything from design to completion. Let us give you a no obligation, free estimate on your basement development. Experience has brought us some creative ideas to get the most bang for your buck,

It's An Investment

Putting money into your basement shouldn't just be viewed as an out of pocket expense. It is an investment, both financially and as your way of living. Let's be honest. You didn't purchase a home with a basement to let is collect dust. The best thing about an undeveloped basement is that it can be transformed into whatever you imagine!

Imagine the nights where you can enjoy your personal home theatre or evenings entertaining your neighbours and friends while watching the hockey game at the bar. Turn it into whatever you want.

You can also expect to get some money back out of your basement. On average, basements will return about 70% of the cost you put into them. We think this average might be a little conservative. If you ever decide to sell your home (you might now want to now), a developed basement is often sought after by home buyers more so that undeveloped basements. Having a developed basement may attract more buyers, increase the value of your home, and sell your home faster.

Let's Get Started

Are you ready to start using your imagination? Let's transform that web collecting cesspool into what it was meant to be. Show your home some love and create a space that will create moments and memories for a lifetime.

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